Stressful times

I work in a nursing home as certified occupational therapy assistant. I can’t deny that since March 2nd of 2020 this has been the most difficult time I’ve ever experienced. It’s been a very humbling experience for our staff and myself. The faces have went from smiling to expressionless with no end in sight from COVID-19. We know someday things will get better, but I saw this image and wanted to share with anyone else who is having the same struggles at their workplace.

Clearing out my head

I try atleast once a week to get away from everyone and everything and do self reflecting and clear out my head of thoughts that bother me. One of my favorite activities is to run and today was a blessing. We had a small snowstorm this morning that just added to the surrounding no many things are more peaceful then watching snowfall.

What activities clear your mind?

2021 Goals

I’m a dreamer and firm believer in setting goals for myself each year. I think for a person to grow you have to continue to challenge yourself and at the end of year it’s gratifying to see the progress you’ve made. I think if you’re willing to tell people what you’re striving for then you better put the time in it. So my goals for 2021 in no particular order.

– Run 10 miles

– Learn about investing in the stock market

– Pay off student loans

– Budget and save ~ $7,500

– Improve my value in my career

– Get 100 followers on this blog

– Educate myself in rental property

– Spend an hour a day on my guitar learning a song a month

– Read a book a month

– Have a positive influence in someone’s day; everyday

If you read this leave please comment on goals you have this years.

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Pursuing a passion

In my life I’ve been known to show the positive side of all walks in life, some people have even found it annoying, but others have found it beneficial. I’ve always had a deep passion motivating and inspiring others to reach their goals and dreams. I’d spend hours looking up inspirational quotes or YouTube motivational videos. Which brings me to this blog. I always tell people that if I didn’t have to worry about money I’d be a motivational speaker. I’ve spent years writing motivational speeches, catchphrases, and quotes only to throw them away. At times my friends would dub my sayings as “MALETTA’S MOTIVATION”, but I always took it in a sarcastic tone. I could sing it, but couldn’t follow through. Heck I actually started this blog 5 years ago and never posted. So, here we are the last day of 2020 in which has been one of the most depressing years and times in my life, in which I’ve decided I can continue to allow what the outside world creates for me or I can create a new beginning and build a better surrounding for myself and anyone who reads this blog.
The purpose of this blog is to going to be writings and experiences I have showing a positive light, inspiring, motivating, overcoming adversity, quotes or speeches that speak to me and feel good stories I come across. It’s about time I start following through with my dreams. I hope something good will come from this for those who read.